POWER VIDEOS (38 Titles)


Pure Power Series  (12 Titles)

Personal Empowerment Direction  


The Power of Choice

The Power of Life

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Goals

The Power of Action

The Power of Self-Talk

The Power of Attitude

The Power of The Mind

The Power of Success

The Power of Wealth

The Secret of Life Mastery



Power 101s Series  (7 Titles)

Neuro-Music Programming  


About 101 Power Words

About 101 Power Qualities

About 101 Power Values

About 101 Power Affirmations

About 101 Power Questions

Power Review




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 VisualSync Power 101s Series

101 Power Words

101 Power Qualities

101 Power Values

101 Power Affirmations

101 Power Questions





Power-Planner Series  (14 Titles)

Personal Empowerment Workshop – With Workbook  

Power Planner Introduction

Power Analysis

The Wheel of Life

My PEP Rating

Winning Philosophy

Love List

Power Dreams List

One-Year Power Goals

Priority Power Actions

Self Power Words

Power Affirmations

Power Health Promise

Financial Formula

Power Review