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Utilizing our personal empowerment and success mastery resources,

 you can apply the winning strategies to attain everything you desire...

and earn $100 again and again on your one-time $40 joining fee...

then explode your earnings to $4,900 again and again with FREE

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Four Freedoms

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar is well known for this great line of wisdom:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will

just help enough other people get what they want.”

This is the foundational concept behind both the product and the compensation plan of MX Fast Money (MXF). You truly can have everything you want, just by helping enough other people get what they want. And what other people really want are these four freedoms:

Health freedom . . . optimum wellness condition.

Emotional freedom . . . harmony of mind and spirit.

Time freedom . . . living at a self-regulated pace.

Financial freedom . . . enjoying abundant affluence.

When you introduce the PURE POWER videos series product  to  individuals  looking to  improve  their  lives, you are giving them the opportunity to create for themselves these four freedoms. You are helping them get what they really want. This is a win-win-win scenario. This is the reason why MXF was created --- to help every person win.

For you to become rich in all areas of your life --- physical, financial, career, business, relationships (we teach you ten specific areas) --- we believe that you first need to create a solid personal foundation upon which you can build your success.

However, before you can be an empowered life champion, you must develop a success consciousness. Our PURE POWER videos series assists you in cultivating this winning mindset by guiding you to construct a firm platform upon which you can attain the lifestyle of a successful individual.

The main difference between an empowered individual and a person who struggles in life is what they know and how they apply this knowledge in their everyday endeavors. The champion practices a wealth building system of strategies and principles that develops a winning mindset and practically guarantees successful results.

MXF gives you access to a wealth building system of strategies and principles via the PURE POWER videos series that enables you to apply this knowledge and build your winning mindset.





The 38 inspirational PURE POWER videos were authored and developed by James Lee Valentine and a team of creative digital engineers. This video series is available exclusive for MXF and MX1 members only. This is an upbeat and fast-paced series of personal empowerment videos to help ordinary people become extraordinary and take a few action steps towards materializing a lifestyle to match their greatest aspirations.





You have a choice of 38 videos in three distinct 'POWER'

series for you to watch and get highly empowered.

The Pure Power Videos

Ultimate Personal Empowerment

Below is a compilation of some scenes in the Pure Power videos

performed by James Lee Valentine for your personal empowerment.

Note: Actual videos in the library are of higher quality. If video doesn't play smoothly,

pause it first and wait for entire video to load, then play it again.

Introducing . . .  VisualSync

Subliminal Visualization Tools

Effectively tap your hidden subconscious power by regularly watching these powerful videos. Below is a compilation of some VisualSync scenes.

Note: Actual videos in the library are of higher quality. If video doesn't play smoothly,

pause it first and wait for entire video to load, then play it again.

Click here to view the full list

of Power Videos



The clock is ticking on your life . . .

MXF can help you attain your freedom!

CAREER COMPANION: The PURE POWER videos series is a companion that benefits your existing career, because you can join just to avail of the success education and personal empowerment, in conjunction with your regular profession. However, you also have the opportunity to conduct the MX Fast Money home business, if you so desire, and earn extra income.



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